True Breakthrough in Laser Hair Removal


Meet Skin Renew’s newest team member, The MOTUS AX laser!

The MOTUS AX is the first, high-speed laser that makes it possible for both light and dark skin tones to achieve hairless results PAIN FREE! #nomorerubberbandsnaps

Long-term results in fewer sessions? Yes. Please.



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Laser Hair Removal that is Painless, Quick, and Consistent

  • No down time

  • Truly painless, no really!

  • More Comfortable Treatments

  • Happy hair-free clients!

What is Laser Hair Removal? What’s in it For Me?

Lasers work to provide diverse levels of energy, speed, coverage area, and depth to reduce and remove unwanted hair with no guarantee of true removal. However, some lasers are significantly more effective for hair removal than others. Insert the MOTUS AX laser. You will never be the same…and your skin will thank you. 


Before You Come In for Laser Hair Removal You Should Probably Know…


  • Come in with a fresh shave like you have a hot date. But really, with no down time you could leave your appointment straight to date night.
  • Avoid sun exposure and spray tans, I know. Tragedy, but it’s totally worth the results!
  • Suspend Acutane for two months prior to appointment.
  • No Aspirin 5-7 days before appointment, you’re stronger than you think! You’ve got this.
  • No tweezing, waxing, or epilation 2 weeks before your appointment. Drop the Tweezerman, he no longer serves you. The MOTUS is in town. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Is a Motus AX Laser Hair Removal treatment right for me?

One of the breakthrough benefits of the Motus AX is that it is safe and effective for light to dark skin types. Whether you have fine, light hair or a darker skin tone, the Motus AX can be used to target and permanently remove unwanted hair. The Motus AX may also be used with tanned skin however, it is always recommended that you talk with your physician about your specific skin conditions before treatment. What makes Motus AX different from other lasers for hair removal?

What makes Motus AX different from others for Laser Hair Removal?

The three main differences between the Motus AX and other technologies for laser hair removal are:1) Total comfort 2) Speed and effectiveness of the treatment and 3) Use across skintypes. The Motus AX eliminates the tradeoffs that come with other laser hair removal options. For instance, an Nd:YAG laser can be used across skin types but is less effective. Other technologies are highly effective but treatments are difficult to tolerate.

Will my Laser Hair Removal treatment hurt?

One of the major benefits of the Motus AX, is that the Moveo technology eliminates the discomfort of typical laser hair removal. Most people only feel a warming sensation making the experience a highly comfortable one.

How Long Will My Laser Hair Removal Treatment Take?

Treatment length will vary depending on the area being treated. The Motus AX is relatively fast and able to complete a large area in under 5 minutes.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions required to eliminate hair completely depends on the individual. A typical laser hair removal regimen is 56 sessions spaced one month apart and then maintenance treatments as needed. Given the efficacy of the Motus AX, you may need fewer sessions and could go longer before needing a touchup treatment.

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