Everyday is a new and interesting story at Skin Renew. About three months ago, Debra M., a professional, thirty-something, beautiful woman came to us to see about getting a bright blue and yellow sunfish tattoo removed from her left hip. After a brief consultation, the treatment began to remove whom we have affectionately named “Sunny Bubbles”. Sunny is fading away and Debra is as happy as a clam.

Debra has also been wonderful to us and tried lots of our skin care treatments like the porcelain doll laser facial and dermaplaning to get rid of that little fuzz that grows on the side of our faces. Last week, Debra hosted a group of ladies from her office, a local pharmaceutical company, for an evening of pampering, pumpkin facials, clay masks and sips and dips. We are thrilled to have Debra as a client and even more excited that she has embraced our skincare treatments…. So that when Sunny bubbles is gone for good… she’ll have lots of other reasons to visit.