A recent business news article on tattoo removal for professionals reflected the same stories we’re hearing from our own customers on their desires to remove a tattoo because of the impact it’s having on their ability to find better employment options for them in their careers.

Taking tattoos off for a living is more than making a living. It is a business that helps people have a clean slate and move their lives in a new direction. It is rewarding to work with Leslie, a young mother of two that works in a local fast food restaurant and had a large, green and black tattoo on her neck.  It is not attractive and it is not helping her in a search for a better paying job. Also, “David” is no longer in her life which is also a negative reminder of an abusive relationship and a very difficult time in her past.

Leslie has been identified by her manager as someone that has significant growth potential and a future in management but not with the tattoo on her neck. He encouraged her to start the removal process and after just four treatments she is seeing great fading. As the tattoo fades away, her future of a batter life comes into focus with a better paying with benefits for her and her children. She is looking forward to the day that each glance in the mirror is no longer a constant reminder of a terrible time in her life. Her joy is our reward.

*Names have been changed to protect identity