Every Tattoo has a story, a meaning, and a delete button

Our goal is to change regrets into experiences. We provide a welcoming atmosphere to all clientele with safe and effective treatments by trained and knowledgeable staff that genuinely cares.

At Skin Renew, we specialize in Laser Tattoo Removal in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our professional staff members are certified laser technicians, using state of the art technology and the highest quality, most effective equipment available. The owner of SKIN RENEW LASER TATTOO REMOVAL became interested in the business after personally researching different lasers and service providers for the removal of her own tattoo in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.

After extensive research and consultation with industry specialists, she chose the Quanta Q-Plus C as the most effective and safest laser available. The Q-Plus C is the only laser on the market that combines Q-Switched Nd: YAG and Ruby lasers which makes it highly versatile at removing color or black tattoo inks. The Q-Plus C excels at lightening your tattoo, as well. 

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Over the years, technology and marketing rhetoric have changed- and through the research, Skin Renew has still stayed with the Quanta Q Plus C- the Gold Standard in tattoo removal. 

The Skin Renew team believes they are changing lives and renewing images one laser tattoo treatment at a time. Every tattoo has a story, a meaning, a history but something in your life may have changed. Our owner was determined to have her tattoo removed after growth in her professional career and becoming a mother. She no longer wanted to portray the image of her youth. Skin Renews’ philosophy is that when life changes or personal tastes change, we are here to help make that change possible.


Skin Renew’s Evolution (2013 to Present)

In mid-2013, Skin Renews owner Stacey Anderson, a commercial banker, was looking to have the tattoo of her youth removed.  Now in her mid-thirties, the soon-to-be-mother, who always loved the idea of entrepreneurship, quickly realized there was a market for a laser tattoo removal service in Indianapolis. Stacey used her own tattoo to determine the best laser to purchase. In August of 2013, Skin Renew was established in Carmel, Indiana.

Over the years, the company grew from strictly offering tattoo removal, to offering other laser services like age spot removal, laser facials and eventually eyebrow microblading (a semi-permanent tattoo application). Loyal Skin Renew clients would drive from all over central Indiana and surrounding areas to the Carmel location. Many of these clients were just like Stacey – professionals, now with families, looking to remove a part of their youth without judgment.

At Skin Renew it was common on Saturdays to see a parent come in for a quick 15-20 minute tattoo removal session, and the spouse and children would be waiting for a day of fun in Indianapolis. Many of these families would leave Skin Renew for a trip to the Zoo, Children’s Museum and more….

Then in April of 2018, after years of promoting and encouragement from her clientele, Skin Renew Laser Tattoo Removal transformed and became Skin Renew Day Spa and Laser Center. Skin Renew left Carmel and made a significant move south to Franklin Township – located just 15 minutes south of downtown Indianapolis. This was a perfect location, as many clients worked downtown and the proximity to all major interstates eliminated the long commute to the former north side location.

Skin Renew Laser Tattoo Removal is Now

Skin Renew Day Spa & Laser Center offers a wide range of services:  laser tattoo removal, a variety of skin care treatments including age spot removal, Hydrafacial and other specialty facials, numerous massage modalities including lymphatic and deep tissue massage, waxing, manicures, pedicure, lashes and more – they truly have something for everyone.  You can visit the Day Spa website at skinrenewdayspa.com

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Stacey Blanton Anderson


Stacey Anderson is the owner of Skin Renew in Indianapolis, Indiana, and also its first client!  With more than 15 years in the financial industry, an entrepreneurial spirit, and desire to bring change to people, she founded Skin Renew Laser Tattoo Removal and Skin Center, in 2013.

Stacey traveled extensively to interview laser companies and tattoo removal businesses using herself as the “guinea pig” to hone in on the laser they have now at Skin Renew–the Quanta Q plus C. Stacey enjoys a challenge and is not afraid to push herself and others to excellence as you will find when you visit the expanded Skin Renew Day Spa & Laser Center.

Her hobbies include boating, traveling, and spending time with her family making memories and life experiences. Stacey enjoys hearing the stories behind tattoos and being included in the client’s journey.

Our new motto with the expanded location has become, welcome to your “Second Home”. We enjoy seeing our clients through their journey and also offering additional services that help them relax, unwind and for just some time to put themselves first in their busy day to day lives.

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Robert Mikan, MD, MBA

Medical Director

Robert Mikan, MD, MBA


Dr. Mikan brings over 13 years of healthcare experience comprising clinical and industry medicine. He graduated from the Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine where he earned a dual-degree in medicine and business, and he underwent residency training at the Indiana University School of Medicine. With a foundation in primary care and vast experience in the medical device industry, including several medical directorships and expertise with laser technology and aesthetics, his professional interests include medical technology, office-based aesthetic procedures, and helping patients to feel better and experience an improved quality of life.

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