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At Skin Renew, we specialize in Laser Tattoo Removal in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our professional staff members are certified laser technicians, using state of the art technology and the highest quality, most effective equipment available. The owner of SKIN RENEW LASER TATTOO REMOVAL became interested in the business after personally researching different lasers and service providers for the removal of her own tattoo in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.

After extensive research and consultation with industry specialists, she chose the Quanta Q-Plus C as the most effective and safest laser available. The Q-Plus C is the only laser on the market that combines Q-Switched Nd: YAG and Ruby lasers which makes it highly versatile at removing color or black tattoo inks. The Q-Plus C excels at lightening your tattoo, as well.

The Skin Renew team believes they are changing lives and renewing images one laser tattoo treatment at a time. Every tattoo has a story, a meaning, a history but something in your life may have changed. Our owner was determined to have her tattoo removed after growth in her professional career and becoming a mother. She no longer wanted to portray the image of her youth. Skin Renews’ philosophy is that when life changes or personal tastes change, we are here to help make that change possible.

STACEY BLANTON - Indy Skin Renew Laser Tattoo Removal

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Stacey Blanton is the owner of Skin Renew in Indianapolis, Indiana, and also its first client!  With more than 15 years in the financial industry, an entrepreneurial spirit, and desire to bring change to people, she founded Skin Renew Laser Tattoo Removal.

Along with Vicki Reasner, they traveled extensively to interview laser companies and tattoo removal businesses using Stacey as the “guinea pig” to hone in on the laser they have now at Skin Renew–the Quanta Q plus C. Stacey enjoys a challenge and is not afraid to push herself and others to excellence as you will find when you visit Skin Renew Laser Tattoo Removal.

Her hobbies include boating, travel, and spending time with her family making memories and life experiences.  Stacey enjoys hearing the stories behind the tattoos and being included in the client’s journey.

Microblading Brittaby

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Brittany is Skin Renew’s Certified Laser Technician, Laser Safety Officer, and Microblading Artist. Not only do we have an amazing, trained Microblading artist, Brittany is also a Master Trainer at World Microblading.  World Microblading is a globally known award-winning academy specializing in Microblading and Plasma Fibroblast procedures.

It is one thing to be the student, but to be a student and then also train other artists, now that packs a punch full of credibility.

Brittany specializes in tattoo removal, age spot removal AKA solar lentigenes, and Microblading. She has a strong passion for beauty on the outside and a stronger interest in the overall character and beauty that is within us all.

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