Search the Internet and you’ll find no shortage of pictures depicting permanent tattoo spelling and grammar blunders.  We’ve seen it countless times but it’s never easy to look at. Misspelling a word in an email or blog is one thing, but permanently tattooing it onto your body is quite another. Unfortunately, as these pictures prove, many tattooists did not bother doing a spell (or grammar) check before inking their hapless clients. Some errors are heartbreaking, most are cringe-worthy and a few made us laugh.

Here are 14 misspelled tattoos that stood out as being the most painful to look at (English majors, you may want to avert your eyes):

1. The love comes before the blood? I’m confused.

a love thicker then blood-tattoo mistakes

2. You should probably also believe that your tattooist did not have a dictionary.

belive in myself-tattoo mistakes

3. Oh no you did not.

what didnt kill me made me stronger-tattoo mistakes

4. Loyality? Faceplam.

friendship loyality love - tattoo mistakes

5. Yes, you sure are.

i am amsome-tattoo mistakes

6. Apparently not from Mensa.

know where your from-tattoo mistakes

7. Nailed it!

life it what you make it-tattoo mistakes











8. Fine, maybe one, tiny regert.


 9. Good thing – we can remove that apostrophe for you.

nothing lasts forever-tattoo mistake

10. I can hardly wait for fudgement day.

only god can fudge me-tattoo mistakes

11. That’s obvious.

too cool for scool-tattoo mistakes

12. Well, you’re a poor speller.

your next-tattoo mistakes

13. No time to check spelling. Let’s live!

youve gotta live every singel day-tattoo mistakes

14. That’s it. We’re never not giving up right now.

never dont give up-tattoo mistakes











If you or someone you know has a misspelled tattoo.  Let us fix it!  We can lighten up the error so a tattooist can fix it or we can fade the unwanted tattoo altogether.  Call us for a free consultation.